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MISSION… Supplying our children and youth with positive tools to deal life challenges.
VISION… Imagine a world where virtually every person is healthy, happy and wise.

Welcome to “For the Love of Life” website where children and youth can master an array of essential life skills to better cope with stress, improve their sense of self-esteem, their relationships and make better life choices.

Sadly, our society is currently facing a very serious drug/alcohol addiction epidemic. Why? There is no easy answer. Could part of the cause be that the vast majority of children and youth have no idea how to deal with the downside of life? Imagine stepping into their shoes to find yourself living on an emotional roller coaster partnered with peer pressure. It is just too easy to find a fast, easy solution with drugs and alcohol being very prevalent in today's society. Young people feel indestructible, always believing they have absolute self-control. Nothing could be further from the truth ... just ask any recovering addict.

What if we could help our children and youth stand strong before they are enticed to take a destructine step into an addictive lifestyle? When the going gets tough, let’s teach our children and youth how to get even tougher by coping in healthy ways. They need to know how to rise when they fall. They need to know that mistakes are natural, and meant to be learning tools. In what sometimes appears to be a cruel world, they can stop being a victim by simply learning practical tools to benefit from the Universal Laws in a positive way.

Kate Flowers on Teenage Drug Addiction

Kate Flowers was a teenager addicted to cocaine, alcohol and cigarettes. As a parent you owe it to yourself to listen to her message.

Having now risen above her addictions, Kate is a self-taught, passion filled, plant-based advocate. Her passion is now expressed in revisiting her dreams to be a dancer, promoting health, veganism, LGBTQ support and sharing her story with the world. Kate’s determination in helping others reach their potential and embody self-empowerment is undying and undeniable. Please feel free to visit her website @ www.katefruitflowers.com

“For the Love of Life” Tools:

  • Affirmations
  • Affirmations can be used as autosuggestions into the subconscious mind. They are positive statements intended to provide constructive reinforcement of encouragement and emotional support. The "4LoL Daily Affirmation's" are a set of 29 professionally printed positive affirmations, 3 blanks cards to create/write their own unique affirmations, a single card with the Ho-oponopono mantra PLUS an exclusive stress releasing finger tool created from wooden beads soaked in the new technology of Plasma GANS water. Now available through email order with payment via email money transfer. Please contact Kathryn for more information. Cost for the set is CDN$19.95/set + shipping fees

  • Fungroups
  • Consists of 3 levels and are grouped age appropriate. "Level 1 - Get Ready” is the foundation for relaxation and centering self. Children/youth are given some tools to use for relaxing, beginning with simple breathing exercises, meditation and visualization techniques. “Level 2 - Get Set” is saying goodbye to victim mentality by turning mistakes into valuable life lesson, and excuses into responsibility. “Level 3 - Go” is reinforcing responsibility by creating positive, healthy attitudes and learning that life is the sum of one’s choices. They will learn to concentrate on the positive side of life. In addition, creating a healthy attitude early in life can do wonders in finding the key to happiness.
  • Private Sessions
  • Private Life Coaching Sessions are available with Kathryn Lee-Ryder, Certified Life Coach. She is also Practitioner Certified for NLP, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis and Ho'oponopono allowing for a diverse action plan with each child.youth. Life Coaching encompasses a great deal of mastering essential life skills and can be directed towards actual life circumstances of your child. Coaching sessions include electronic MP3's guided meditations and a set of "4LoL - Daily Affirmation's" to help each child along their unique life path. Private Sessions are offered @ $60/half-hour or $100/hour with a free half-hour initial consultation. (low-income subsidy available)

Coming Soon

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