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MISSION… Coaching young children on essential life skills using a unique, one-of-a-kind "Playgroup" process.

VISION… Imagine a world where virtually all youths and adults successfully navigate the [sometimes] harsh realities of “life” without stumbling into destructive coping behaviours.

Welcome to “For the Love of Life” website where children can master essential life skills at a young age so they can better cope with stress, improve their sense of self-esteem, their relationships and make better life choices.

These unique, one-of-a-kind playgroups offer an informal setting that incorporates a great deal of play … whether that is physical activity, role playing or creating through art.

Children often begin attending playgroups as early as the age of 5, or up to the age of 12. Typically, the groups of children are Age 5 to 9 or Age 10 to 12 (although this subject to change without notice).

“For the Love of Life” Coaching:

  • Fun Days
  • Fun Days Playgroups focus on many life skills over the course of the school year PA days. This is fun program where children can gain skills for managing stress by relaxing, beginning with simple breathing exercises, meditation and visualization techniques. Children can learn to recognize how easy it is to play victim and how powerful it is to accept responsibility for ones' actions. They will be introduced to the concept of welcoming mistakes as learning experiences. Emphasizing the positive side of life, they can discover the key to happiness when they adopt healthy attitudes towards all life events. Registration is $40 (low-income subsidy available)
  • Fun with Seniors
  • Playgroups focus on the same life skills offered in Fun Days but mini-sessions on weekends or after school. In a unique partnership, children will join together with seniors in their community to learn in a fun and exciting new way. This partnership scenario has proven to reinforce children with appropriate manners, patience, tolerance, and important social skills. While the elderly are natural nurturers, and children possess an inborn enthusiasm for knowledge, something uniquely magical abounds when these two age groups connect. Registration is $100 (low-income subsidy available)
  • Private Sessions
  • Private coaching sessions are available with Kathryn Lee-Ryder, Certified Life Coach. She is also Practitioner Certified for NLP, Law of Attraction, Hypnosis and Ho'oponopono allowing for a diverse action plan with each child. Life Coaching encompasses a great deal of mastering essential life skills and can be directed towards actual life circumstances of your child. Coaching sessions include electronic MP3's for age appropriate guided meditations to help each child along their unique life path. Private Sessions are offered @ $60/half-hour or $100/hour with a free half-hour initial consultation. (low-income subsidy available)

Children Meditations

Email Kathryn to receive a FREE "Happy Place" meditation for children [email protected] specifying FREE Meditation in the subject line.

Schedule of Events

All events are posted on our Facebook page. Please click the Facebook link at the bottom of this page to be taken directly this information.

If you are interesting in Hosting our Playgroups in your area, please email [email protected] with your inquiry.

Coming Soon

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